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Same Day Crowns

Same-Day Crowns in Downtown Denver, CO

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Breaking a tooth is painful enough, you shouldn’t have to wait to make your smile whole again. With same-day crowns in Denver, we get you in and out of our office with a flawless porcelain crown so you can get back to your life without missing a beat and without anybody knowing the difference.

Why Same-Day?

At Icon Dental Denver, we understand your active lifestyle, that’s why we make it our priority to get you the service you need when you visit our office. Traditional dental crowns in Denver take at least two office visits which take time away from your busy schedule that you could spend doing better, and more enjoyable activities than paying a visit to your local dentist.

During the wait between your visits, you’ll also keep experiencing pain from the broken tooth. So why wait? Using cutting-edge technology, we take a digital image of your teeth, design and manufacture your crown using a Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) machine and bind it to your broken tooth, all in a single visit.

What’s the Difference Between Same-Day and Traditional Crowns?

Traditional crowns are made in a lab and require significantly more time to create since they are often made layer by layer. Same-day crowns are made in the office using the CEREC machine which combines CAD and CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing) into a single tool. The CEREC machine uses an image of your broken tooth to generate a model of your new crown which can then be tweaked by our team of experts to make sure you are happy with the result. Once the model is finalized, your crown is carved out from a small piece of porcelain and fixed to your tooth.

Will Insurance Cover a Same-Day Crown?

Every insurance provider is different, but many providers do cover same-day crowns just like traditional, lab-made crowns. We’ll work with your provider to get you the best coverage possible.

What Are the Advantages of Same-Day Crowns?

The most significant benefit of same-day crowns is their convenience. Our dentists can install these crowns on your teeth in a single sitting, making it significantly faster than conventional crowns that take at least two visits, often weeks apart, to place on your teeth. This convenience makes them an excellent option for people with tight deadlines or in a rush.

Additionally, same-day crowns are made from high-quality ceramic, meaning they’re durable and can last for years without breaking or wearing down. The ceramic used in these crowns closely mimics the natural appearance of your teeth so that they blend seamlessly with them. Furthermore, porcelain is resistant to staining and will maintain its esthetic appeal for years to come.

Another benefit of same-day crowns is that they’re very easy to maintain. All you have to do is brush and floss your teeth at least twice daily and avoid eating hard and crunchy foods with the crowned teeth. This alone will prolong the longevity of your dental crowns dramatically.

What Are the Disadvantages of Same-Day Crowns?

While same-day crowns are immensely beneficial, they have drawbacks. With modern techniques, dentists can create beautiful, durable crowns in a single visit. However, lab-made crowns offer more flexibility in terms of materials, so they can provide higher levels of durability or enhanced aesthetics.

Am I a Candidate for Same-Day Crowns?

You may be a good candidate for same-day crowns if your teeth have suffered significant damage from physical impact or dental decay. The crowns will cover the damaged portion of the teeth, protecting them from further damage and bacterial infections.

You may also be a good candidate for same-day crowns if you have enough tooth structure to support the dental crown. The fractured tooth must have a considerable portion still intact to support the crown. Patients with inadequate tooth structure might have to consider a tooth extraction followed by a restorative treatment like dental crowns.

Additionally, same-day crown candidates need to have the teeth adjacent to the affected tooth properly aligned. The dentist takes impressions to ensure the crown fits seamlessly with the rest. Crowded, impacted, and misaligned teeth make it difficult to fit the dental crown in its place.

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Same Day Crowns
Same Day Crowns

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Same Day Crowns
Same Day Crowns
Same Day Crowns